Zombies on a cruise

A fun survival strategy game about your worst fears …

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Friends go cruisinDay 1
High School friends travel down to the cruise port to escape harsh cold winter. Totally broke in real life they are going to live like royalty for next week.

Cruisin is funDay 2
Friends gorged on all you can eat buffets, strolled in the mall, enjoyed all the fun activities and finally basked in the sun just to realize the whole week is short to do everything on that fabulous cruise ship.

Dream GatewayDay 3
Friends had a great time snorkeling on a secluded island and they wished to remain there forever. But little did they know something else was getting back with them on the cruise ship.

How it all beganDay 4
Player wakes up late and realizes the roommate has gone missing. Quick peek outside the door and the player finds silhouettes of drunk people barely able to balance themselves.