Zombies on a cruise

Cruise Ship

Modern cruise ships are so massive that those are almost like floating cities. Despite the number of people on a cruise ship, it’s still the best vacation money can buy if person is not a people hater. Does not matter how rich or broke guests are in real life, the cruise ship crew treats them well and people have the best time of their life. 

Cruise ships have so many activities that guests may not be able to explore all of those in the short stay. So here is the list of many fun activities people can do on this Supermax Cruise Ship.

Level 18 - SuperMax Cruise Ship


Level 18 is at the top of the ship and offers a panoramic 360 degree view. This entire floor is dedicated to adult retreat. The adult retreat has two large swimming pools, saunas and hot tubs for luxurious relaxation. People can relax in the sun on comfortable lounge chairs or Clamshell chairs for couples. The floor also hosts a full restaurant so that people don’t have to level ever.

This level is usually empty with not many people hanging here. Since the zombie apocalypse happened in the morning there are hardly any zombies here. This level is wide open and has some blind spots like Clam chairs, but there are a couple of good hiding places like saunas and restaurant pantry.

Level 17 - SuperMax Cruise Ship


Level 17 is dedicated to fitness and exercise. At the front, a full gym offers a range of exercise equipment and fitness training area. It also offers a hot tub and sauna to relax after exercise.  Spa is located next to the gym, which has grooming and massage centers as well as rooms to do minor cosmetic surgeries. On the opposite side is the open area for aerobics, yoga, or dance training. Squash courts are located by the elevator.

This whole area is super congested with equipment, so it will be hard for zombies to move. But then the entire area has many small rooms where zombies can go unnoticed so be extremely careful here.  

The other end of level 17 is super entertaining with physical activities such as skyrails, aerial nets zones and even the best skydiving simulator. Players can fend off zombies by getting into skydivers. But disappearing acts will be going down the water slides when in trouble. This area is little off limits for zombies due to difficult activity levels, but players will be out open for zombies to notice. So it’s a bad idea to hang out here. 

Level 16


Level 16 is a big fun area and full of life, of course back then. It has a ship’s bridge in front, where players can find all electronics needed to communicate from remote islands. Behind the bridge are the kids areas separated by age groups from toddler to teenagers. Kids hang out here free from their parent supervision, but it also means lots of kid zombies. 

The remaining portion of the floor is an open deck. At start its sun deck to enjoy the open breeze while listening to the music floor below. Followed by a sports area consisting of a mini golf course, basketball and tennis court, family sports area and kids play yard. But the central attraction is a huge climbing wall that goes four floors high and inside balconies. Finally towards the end are the swimming pools to soak in sun.

Level 16 and above people can enjoy some outdoors on ship and probably zombies won’t venture due to heat.

Level 15


Level 15 is where people eat during daytime. It has a breakfast area with a panoramic view in front, where people eat and watch the ship sailing. Behind that is a sports area with laser tag and trampoline park for people of all ages to play. Both of these areas will be super confusing to zombies and may be good places to find some non lethal weapons. 

At the middle of the ship is the sun deck with swimming pools and activity area. The following sections are buffet areas for breakfast and lunches. There would be a lot of food in this area that is not spoiled, but real treasure troves are the refrigerators inside kitchens where players can find lots of flour and grains for stocking. Finally there is an open BBQ area and sports club to watch games while kids play at the waterpark. But the main attraction is the artificial wave riders where literally zombies can not enter.

Level 12 - 14 - SuperMax Cruise Ship


Level 12 and 14 are the luxury living areas for the guests. There is never a floor 13 on any ship. The rooms on these levels are pricier with nicer amenities, but still small as expected on the cruise ships. At the front of the ship is the open balcony for quite personal time and look at the captain’s view of the ship. Behind that starts a maze of rooms stacked in close. But players have to enter this area to get hands on treasure trove.

The rooms towards the back of the ship have balconies, but if a player gets caught there it’s a long corridor to walk. Finally towards the end are the luxury suits that have almost double the area of other rooms and better view of fun activities on ships main level. Living areas can be a bit challenging, but if you can secure the area and close the door, you can have a good night’s sleep. 

Level 10 - 11


Level 10 and 11 are balcony rooms similar to level above. Negotiating two levels of guest room is challenging, but dealing all four together is extremely challenging. The guest areas have open sitting areas, but maneuvering quickly through a small aisle and leaving zombies confused can save the day.

Level 09


Level 9 is the main deck of the ship designed in an outdoor shopping mall setting. Front of the ship is the crew only area where the crew can relax in the sun and have an outdoor lunch when not working. The area has obstructed view so that crew can be free without disturbing passengers. Helipad located at very front for emergency medical evacuations of passengers. 

Passenger area starts with the backstage for the auditorium. All the automation for light, music and stage is managed from backstage for magnificent shows. This area also has makeup and dressing rooms for artists. This leads into a massive stage and theater that is three stories high and can host up to 2000 people at a time. The shopping mall set around the atrium is next where shops for luxurious brands are located. Gaming auditorium is at the center of the mall, where guests can enjoy gaming duels all day. Rest of the floor is dedicated to a boardwalk with best restaurants and a casual arcade shop. The boardwalk has many stations for street entertainers but open air theater located at the end of the ship is the main attraction. A Wooden deck goes around the entire floor for a leisurely stroll around the ship.

Level 08 - SuperMax Cruise Ship


Level 08 is the traditional fun floor on the cruise ship. It has the second level of auditorium and lower levels of the shopping mall. Sitting spaces around the atrium offer places to listen live music a level below. Ship’s casino is located next followed by a freestyle dining hall with its own separate kitchen. Dining area is also exquisite with a giant chandelier in the middle of a two story dining hall.

But if you want some free style food, an alley of restaurants is located in the next section with DJ Room, 4D theater and coffee houses. Finally the floor finishes with an auditorium for comedy clubs, competitions stages and other nightlife events.

Level 07


Level 07 has the grand entrance of the cruise ship and it is designed to impress guests. As soon as guests enter the ship, they are welcomed by live music in the atrium. Skating rink which is the main attraction is on the right, surrounded by arcade and bowling alleys. Go karting track is enough to bring a child out of every guest. Also located on this level are guest services where players can find strangest items on the survival list. 

The main level of the auditorium is located on the same level with a grand stage and sitting area for up to 800 guests. Further to the left is the dressing room and backstage. With so many shows happening throughout the day, this level also has a practice stage. The storage area for the practice stage will help players fetch the grooming list. Beyond that are the anchors and other electrical equipment that keep the ship connected to the world.

On the back side of the ship are two main dining halls with their own kitchen. Far end dining hall has a panoramic view from the back of the ship. Guests can finish their dinners and then head for fabolous shows on the main level.

But this level is most important for escape as all lifeboats are located all around the gangway that runs along the length of the ship.

Level 06 - SuperMax Cruise Ship


Level 06 has the same layout as floors below, but this additional floor adds to the scare factor. Imagine going through the endless rows of rooms without knowing what is lurking inside each one of those. Best strategy for players will be to use zombies’ weak sight and strong sense of smell against them. Also zombies don’t know how to plan paths around obstacles once they see their target, so there are many opportunities to trap them.

Level 04 - 05


Level 04 and 05 hosts guest rooms that have porthole windows. The guest rooms are smaller as the ship narrows from top to bottom, but who wants to stay inside the room when on cruise. Again, guest rooms are good places to find surprise items. But both of these floors have massive dry storage room with all the supplies needed for a colony on the island.

Level 03 - SuperMax Cruise Ship


Level 03 is the factory of cruise ship. It has medical offices, quarantine rooms, administrative and security offices, training and education centers. All these facilities are needed to run a massive organization that has 3000 employees. It also has a large garbage incinerator and recycling facility to process all the trash generated by guests. It also has a large dishwashing center to keep all those utensils shiny. Big laundry and ironing center is located in the mid section. The automated press keeps the crew tidy and looking good and keeps all linen smelling fresh for the guests. 

Next is a giant kitchen and food processing room where specialty food, cakes and other culinary delights are prepared. Row and rows of ovens and stoves keep producing delicious food and then dressing stations decorate those for visual appetites. 

Finally the crew mess and social room allow the crew to have their free time and dine with friends. Crew gym is located at the far end with all the equipment needed to keep the crew fit. Gaming and multiple TVs stations give time for friends to enjoy shows on massive television. But the real attraction is Dance floor located in front of the ship where the crew can have their endless parties. 

Level 01 - 02 - SuperMax Cruise Ship


Level 01 and 02 have crew quarters. Rooms for crew are very similar to passenger cabins, but crew gets to live with their friends, on an eternal party. Also located on this level are the massive storage rooms for everything needed in the city above starting from dry food, bottled water, clothings, linen, plates etc. The cold storage has perishable items which are a good bet for lure zombies, but collecting some seeds from fruits won’t be a bad idea if players are planning to start a new colony.

Towards the back of the ship are bigger cabins for officers. Since the crew lives on the ship longer, this level has many items that are not found on the levels above. Hence there is a good reason to visit this floor. Level 01 is actually below the water level, so both of these levels have no windows or direct sunlight, good place to survive for zombies. 

Level 00 - SuperMax Cruise Ship


Level 00 has multiple mezzanine floors with metal scaffolding around two massive engines, electrical generators and other ship machinery. The noise is deafening will all those machines running together. The entire weight of the ship is located on level 00 with all the machines, electricals, sewage and water processing plants etc located. It also houses the fins that keeps the ship stable in turbulent waves with a relatively shallow draft despite having 18 floors above. Engine bay is the reason why ships can sail close to tiny islands without grounding.

This is the most difficult level with some of the fastest zombies onboard created due to natural transition from fit sailors to zombies. But this level has everything players will need to build a new life on the island. If players don’t want to live at the mercy of nature, then they have to visit this floor, no matter how dangerous it is.

At the front is a big storage room with all electrical and mechanical components located. Followed by a first generator and electrical system that translate power from massive engines located in the next compartment. The exact replica in the opposite direction is located in the following compartment. This is followed by a workshop and other filtration, refrigeration, and other ecosystem. Towards the end are azimuth electrical propellor that can turn in any direction. These along with side motors located in front of the storage room  allow the ship to turn in a relatively small radius for size in congested city ports.

Elevators and stair wells


With 5000 passengers and 3000 crew on board, Supermax cruise ship needs many elevators to keep people moving vertically. Cruise ship has six transit areas, four for passengers and two for crews. 

The elevators are convenient and move people quickly, but a ship full of zombies are not the safest places to draw attention. Each elevator bay has an accompanying stair well. Zombies can not climb up or down the stairs easily, so it may be the safest place to be.

While passenger areas are open, crew areas are hidden deliberately and could be safe to navigate obscured from zombies. The crew area at the front of the ship goes from engine rooms to the main deck, whereas the crew area at the middle of the ship goes from open deck on level 16 to all the way to the engine room at bottom.