Hello friends, just returned from an epic cruise to Caribbean. I absolutely love cruising. It is one of the best things that has happened ever. Life is at its simplest when the only decision to make is what to eat next.

Anyways I was taking a stroll on the running tracks after another heavy dinner. Crew had deliberately turned off all lights except a few emergency lights for late night movie shows happening in open air theaters. There were few other people taking a stroll. The cool breeze had made the sea a little rough even for a massive ship. People were having difficulty walking and they were swinging like they were drunk.

From a distance their silhouettes were looking like zombies slowly wading their way to the next meal. Then it struck me. Out of anything else Cruise Ships will be the most challenging place to survive if anything like the Zombie Apocalypse happens on cruise ships. The one who can survive this can survive literally any other place. 

It’s an interesting thought and what better way than test it out with your own game. So it begins! We are going to make a game about Zombies on a Cruise!!!