If you are building the game, the first thing priority should be to secure the domain name so that you can get some web traffic. The domain name should be as close as possible to Game’s name to capture the spirit of the game better. I really don’t like violent games. After all zombies are not about violence or lots of gore. Zombies are supposed to be cute and nonviolent except they have a need to take a bit now and then. They just happened to be infectious. So all words like apocalypse or haunted are out that devalue good natured zombies.

I guess I will stick with a name that leaves lots of room for imagination. Zombies on a cruise name can go many ways without restricting creative boundaries.

Apparently grammar matters and it matters quite a lot. My grammar is super weak and I can express ideas better in C++ or JavaScript than in pure english. I actually liked the name “Zombies on Cruise”. Many people like me will love it. But I then realized that google docs keeps on throwing grammatical corrections on many saved reminders about games. So I decided to do favors for all by following grammatical norms. Also there was a real danger of someone swiping my web traffic away by using a grammatically correct version of the game “Zombies on a cruise”. Of course I will prefer to have web traffic first before losing it to someone else.

So finally to protect my game from nefarious redirects I had to get domains for both versions of the name.