Zombies on a cruise


Players can choose any one of the four avatars that suits their personality to play the game. In the current version, avatars are not distinguished and all have the same powers. Once the player avatar is selected, remaining avatars are used for the friends.


To change the avatar, use setting screens and pick any of the four options. You can not change Avatar in the middle of game.


Player vitals

Players will have two bar representing the vitals of player.

Top bar currently shown in green is a Health bar. As player starts getting hurt the green area of bar reduces, eventually turning to red when little life is left in player. When player is at zero health, the bar will turn grey.

Second bar shows energy level of player. As energy dwindles, blue area of bar reduces down to zero. Typically energy dwindles really fast and need to be replenished often.

Player will also have a ring around them based on type of protection used. As protection loses its potency, the ring color fades away, reminding player to replenish protection.