Zombies on a cruise

Game Cues



Hideouts are located on some floors where players are safe from zombie attacks. Players must locate the hideout by exploring the entire floor. Probably Hideout will be the first thing players should look out for. Things players can do at hideout 

  1. Exchange items
  2. Heal from bruises and aches
  3. Change protections
  4. Drop items into the lifeboat
  5. Taking friends to safety

Floor Map

Floor map is shown on the top left of the game. A red position marker shows the position of the player along the length of the ship. Floor map is enabled only for normal and hard levels. At an insane difficulty level, players must handle difficult situations of not knowing their way around.


Scene change triggers

Scene change triggers allows player to go from one floor to another. The direction of the arrow indicates if the player is moving up or down. Whenever a player changes floor, all friends following the player also move to the next floor. Zombies can not climb stairs easily and can be easily destroyed on the stairs. Hence zombies don’t move between floors.


Attack button

Press and briefly hold the attack button to execute the attack once. Merely touching attack button won’t do anything. Each attack consumes energy so do not keep swinging. Attack button uses currently active weapon. Active weapon can be changed by using the weapons selector.


Badges Button

Badges button launches badge screen to show the badges earned by the player during current game. Players are awarded badges for reaching milestones or unlocking achievements. The badges are awarded for survival time, zombie kills, coins collected, ship explored and many other similar factors.



Lifeboat button launches the summary of collectibles gathered by the player.


Collectible pallets show quantity collected so far and total quantity needed to escape. If the player has collected sufficient quantities of collectible, then it is shown in green background, otherwise the background remains red. 

Also each pallet has + and – signs to load or unload items to and from the backpack. Players can carry only limited weight in a backpack and once the backpack is full additional items can not be loaded.


Total weight of the backpack is shown at top of the popup.


Unload all button allows the player to unload all collectibles at once.


Launch Indicator shows if the lifeboat is ready to launch or not.


In-App Purchase

IAP button launches the IAP screen where players can buy goodies to enhance gameplay experience. Goodies include Supermax Cruise Ship, survival gear, protective gear, Go all out and Escape Stash. Players can also restore their purchases if not activated automatically upon fresh install of the game.

Protections Selector Button


Protections Selector button shows the protections available. If the Protective Gear IAP is not purchased then this button remains inactive. 


If player has purchased Protective Gear IAP, then buttons for protections i.e. Hazmat Suit, Kevlar suit, Hockey suit and Riot Gear will be enabled. Players can switch active protection by clicking the button for corresponding gear. But this action is only allowed in Hideout, since hide outs are only places safe enough to change gear on a ship full of zombies.


The remaining power of protection is shown in a small icon.


Replenish Energy Button

Replenish energy button replenishes energy of player and that of tag along friends. Replenish energy button can be pressed anytime and it tops up energy to 100%. However, there is a cost associated in terms of food, water and of course coins to replenish energy.


Replenish Health

Replenish Health button replenishes health of player and that of tag along friends. Health of Players and friends is decimated by attacks from zombies that cause lots of bruises and aches. However, health can be replenished only inside Hideouts as the player needs to rest for recovery. Replenishing health requires food, water, medicines and first aid, and of course coins.

Weapons Selector Button


Weapons selector button opens up available weapons and lets the player select from available weapons.


By default, Self defense and baseball bat are available. If the player has purchased Survival Gear then Machete, Hammer and Chainsaw are also enabled. But these weapons will only be active if the player has collected sufficient coins to activate one. 

Player can change the active weapon anytime, but the weapon needs to be carried in the backpack. If the player carries more weapons, there is less space for items collected.


Indicators for remaining life of weapon and available count of weapons is shown in the weapons icon to the right of weapons selector.


Coins Stash

Players add to their coin stash by Zombie Kills. Each type of zombie yields different amounts of coins. Coins stash builds easily, but then coins are constantly needed for buying new weapons and protection, replenish health and energy, and get new lives during the game. So don’t miss out on the opportunity to collect as many coins as possible.

Lives remaining

Players are granted three lives by default at the start of the game. Each time players health goes below 0%, the player’s life is lost. If a player has sufficient stash of coins, then players can use those to buy additional life. 

Players can also buy the Escape Stash goodie to get emergency coins for escape.

Rewards Ads

Players are offered rewards that allow them earn the coins by watching rewarded ads. These options are enabled only when gathered coins or collectibles exceed a certain limit.


Rewarded ads for uncashed coins allow players to double the coins earned between two visits to Hideout.


Rewarded ads for uncashed collectibles allow players to earn equivalent coins by watching rewarded ads.



Settings button allows players to change character, difficulty levels, turn audio and background music. It also allows players to personalize the game by entering their nickname.