Zombies on a cruise

Protective Gear


Protective Gear In-App Purchase

Zombies on a cruise offer protective gear as In-App purchase (IAP). The protective gear include Hazmat Suit, Kevlar Suite, Hockey Suite and Riot Gear. The protective gear is enabled by IAP, but players still need to have enough coins to use one. If lucky, players can find one within the game, but they have to search really well.

Protections defend players from zombie bites. But with each zombie attack, the potency diminishes, before becoming totally worthless. In such a scenario, players need to have enough coins to use the next one. 

Protections can be worn only at hideouts when zombies are not around. Player don’t want to get their hands stuck in clothing when Zombies are biting their back. Protections also make movements difficult and reduce speed. 


Hazmat suit

Hazmat suites are light weight and prevent players from possible infections from spatters during zombie kills. But Hazmat suites can also fend off minor cuts or aggressive bites if used properly. Hazmat suits are least expensive and could be found at multiple locations.


Kevlar Suite

Kevlar suits are moderate protection that may not protect the entire body, but could be used to fend off attacks by offering padded limbs. Kevlar protections also improve karate attacks and do not affect player movement at all. Kevlar suites require little coins.


Hockey Gear

Hockey gear are ultimate makeshift protection to force way out of a mad crowd of zombies. Hockey suites are cumbersome and maneuverability is difficult, but it could save you some lives. Hockey suits require more coins and there are obvious places where you can find these.


Riot Gear

Riot gear is the ultimate protection player should have to make a safe escape from Cruise ship. Light weight, sturdy and super maneuverable, these will be important arsenal in attack and defense.