Zombies on a cruise


Zombies on a cruise is a story about four high school friends going on a cruise to escape frigid winters of their tiny home town. None of them had regular jobs and were utterly broke, but wanted to experience luxuries and live like royalty even for a moment. After a long drive, they boarded the cruise ship and were pleasantly surprised by the size, luxury and grandeur of the ship. The sheer number of people, both guests and crew present on ship was more than the total number of people back home.


Since they had paid very little for their tickets, they got the worst accommodation on the ship with friends separated into two windowless corner rooms at the far corners of the ship. Even though they despised their rooms, little did they know that it may be a lifesaver later. But who returns to the room when you have a floating city to explore. Friends explored all the floors of the ship starting from seculade places, gyms, saunas, play yards at top to dining rooms, atriums and theaters alike. But a huge ship like that also has many new wonders such as ice skating rink, bowling alleys, go carts and more. All that will take them days to discover and fully enjoy. 

To break monotony, friends took a shore excursion to a tiny remote island. They enjoyed snorkeling at coral reefs. The island is cute and lovely, but at the same time big enough to establish a tiny kingdom that friends vowed to be back someday.

Upon return to ship, they were surprised by the long queues to board the ship. They were informed that guests on deep cave diving shore excursions had fallen ill. Patients were acting violently and they were admitted to local hospitals. Few other passengers also got high fever and needed to be kept quarantined. There was a little commotion at the gate but then friends got past that quickly and headed to the buffet to fill up after a tiring excursion.

While the ship sailed to the seas, the rough seas turned out to be a little awful with some people feeling sick. Friends continued their fun day well into night by spending more time at game arcade, skating rinks and other fun filled activities.

It was late in the morning when the player woke up and realized that he overslept. Upset about missing his breakfast, he started looking for his friends. There was a cryptic message on his phone “People acting weird! Stay safe!” Confused, he decides to head out for breakfast. But as soon as he stepped out of the room, he was taken back by a strong gory smell in the aisle. The lights in the aisle were flickering and he could see the silhouettes of drunk people making their way to their room.

But suddenly those shadows started running towards the player. They were grunting, breathing heavily and were having difficulty in keeping balance. Player tried to caution them, but one of them actually leaped onto the player, taking him down. Player fought back kicking and punching to get on feet. But he realized that the attackers were laying dead on the ground. Feeling guilty about the use of force, he examined them for any sign of life and realized he has encountered zombies!!!


Player quickly locked himself back into the room, his heart pounding loudly so that he could hear the beats. What he does from there? Find friends? Jump a ship? Play the game to find out…..