Zombies on a cruise

Survival Gear


Survival Gear In-App Purchase

Zombies on a cruise game has multiple survival weapons. Self-defense and baseball bats are available out of box, but more serious weapons such as Machete, Hammer and Chainsaw can be purchased as part of Survival gear In-App purchase (IAP). Definitely players will need these lethal weapons if they plan to survive on a cruise ship full of zombies.

Players can get as many weapons as they want, but due to weight, they can carry only a few on person. If the player carries more weapons then it limits the space available for collectibles and then the player has to make frequent visits to the hideouts. Weapons can be switched by clicking the weapons button and then by selecting from active weapons.



Players can use self-defense techniques to fight off zombies. Not very effective against horde of zombies, but it gives them chance to reach survival weapon. If used properly self-defense can be extremely effective, as it does not draw attention. Drawback is that it consumes lots of energy and takes toll on player’s health, so players should use it wisely.


Baseball Bat

Bats are lightweight and yet those can cause lots of damage. Bats have lower life and can break soon. Bats are silent but thrashing noise may draw zombies close by. Bats can be found relatively easy and require least coins.



Machete can do swift work silently. Machetes are typically found in kitchens and supplies rooms. Machete requires less coins, but using Machete requires skills. Machetes also become blunt after many hits and need to be replaced.



Hammer can do quick work of any zombie, but those are very difficult to operate and easy to miss. Hammers are heavy and can become tiresome to carry. But Hammer are super reliable and can last really long.



When you are surrounded by zombies, there is nothing more effective than a chainsaw. It makes noise and will attract more zombies. But what is more important than getting away with life. ChainSaws are very heavy, need more coins and frequent refills.