Zombies on a cruise



A cruise ship is the most terrible place to be present when the Zombie apocalypse happens. After passengers returned to the ship tired from shore excursion and had belly full of meals, many were not prepared for what was gonna happen next. 

Initially most of them just thought that people are generally rude in making their way to buffet stalls. When they were attacked, many just tried to politely brush off attacks, before realizing they have been fatally bitten. 

Only a few smart ones who are always prepared for eventuality knew what’s happening and took proper precautions to save themselves. Rest ended up becoming zombies.

Initially zombies were not hungry for food, but some of the zombies, especially young ones, moved a lot and are in need of a bite.  

Zombies can go without food for days if they don’t move, so there is no option to wait them out and die. Hunger and thirst will take over players first than Zombies, so there is no other option than to escape.   

Zombies on a cruise game has different types of zombies that represent typical cruise passengers.


Grandparents Zombie

Grandparents are unstable and slow in movement. But they are extremely resilient in the chase and they will eventually show up there. So keep an eye on them especially on the escape path. They have a strong bite and when players are tired after all the fight, they could be really difficult to handle.


Parents Zombies

Parent Zombies are stable in movements and have pretty good stamina to chase players for long distances. Worst part is that parent zombies are really strong and resilient to withstand attacks. They have a strong bite and can make pretty strong hits.


Kid Zombies

Kids Zombies are extremely athletic. They will catch players even before the players make their next move. Best way to lose them is to cris cross  through obstacles or standup and fight. Kids Zombies are weak though and have a weak bite. But players need to have heart to fight cute little zombies.