Demark culled millions of Minks over concerns about coronavirus mutation. That was a national tragedy of epic proportions, but now that has caused a new horror. The cadavers of these poor animals have started emerging from the earth. 

During earlier hasty maneuvers, the minks were buried in shallow trenches in several layers. As gases were built inside the bodies of dead animals, their bodies started bloating due to build up of gases. The soil where the animals were buried was sandy cause top later of animals to break the surface. The animals that resurfaced are quickly buried somewhere else to keep those away from birds and foxes.

This cull was initiated after 11 people were sickened by coronavirus mutation observed in the mink farms. Earlier this month Danish parliament passed a decision to cull all of Denmark’s roughly 15 million minks. The law also bans mink farming till 2021.

Sound very familiar to dead rising from grave scenarios. Worried about human zombies wait till the virus mutates into animals.